Using roll() in Your Own Code


For Simple Die Rolls

Sample Outputting of Die Rolls:

# import the roll() module
from diceroll import roll

# enter the roll type to be made
number_of_dice = raw_input('Number of dice to roll? ')
dice_type = raw_input('Dice type? ')
dice_roll_modifier = raw_input('DM? ')

# make sure that there is a plus or minus sign in the DM string
if dice_roll_modifier[0] <> '-' and dice_roll_modifier[0] <> '+':
    dice_roll_modifier = '+' + dice_roll_modifier

# concatenate the values for the dice string
dice = number_of_dice + dice_type + dice_roll_modifier

print 'Rolling', dice

# do 20 rolls
for i in range(20):
    print 'You rolled a %d' % roll(dice)

For Probabilites

Sample Task Resolution:

# import the roll() module
from diceroll import roll

# Enter your character's chances to succeed at a task
skilled = raw_input('Is your character trained for the task ([y]/n)? ')
if skilled == 'n':
    die_mod = -3
    print "Enter your character's skill level"
    die_mod = int(raw_input('(0 to 4)? '))
print 'Enter the difficulty of the task'
difficulty = int(raw_input('(Impossible: -6 to Easy: +6)? '))

# The player must roll an 8 or higher for their character to succeed
dice_roll = roll('2D6') + die_mod + difficulty
print 'You rolled:', dice_roll
if dice_roll >= 8:
    print 'Your character succeeds with the task.'
    if dice_roll - 8 >= 6:
        print 'Your character saved everyone.'
    print 'Your character fails at the task.'
    if dice_roll - 8 < -3:
        print 'Your character becomes injured.'
    if dice_roll - 8 < -6:
        print 'Your character died from injuries!'

For Repairing Game Code


Often times, game code will be downloaded or found that contains incorrect randint() calls for rolling two 6-sided dice. A line such as:

world_size = randint(2, 12) - 2

Easily becomes:

world_size = roll('2d6') - 2

Encountering Errors

Entering an invalid string for roll() will return an error message, as well as a value of 0 from the function:

print roll('3d1')


** DICE ERROR! ‘3D1’ is unknown **